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On behalf of the Board of Trustees, Management and staff of Sobi lol.9FM, I am most delighted to welcome you all to this historical occasion, this event as you can see is taking place on the belt of a historical site bequeathed by nature to a historical city and for the benefit of a wonderful people of beautiful history.



I feel particularly honoured this morning to stand before the distinguished people present here, at the commissioning ceremony of this new radio station, SOBI FM 101.9FM, on this truly historic site in our hometown of Ilorin. Those of us who are genuine sons and daughters of this community, know the importance of this hill, in our history, culture and identity. It is only a bona fide child of the Ilorin community, that could have been sufficiently inspired, not only to dream at the height that midwifed this new radio station, but to also find the remarkable inspiration of patriotism and love of our community, to choose the name of our hill, as well as its location, for an endeavor, as grand as SOBI FM 101.9. These are worrisome times, when what seems to be the common theme is to just take away from our communities; so we must be very proud of the fact, that Lukman Mustapha, has baulked the trend. He showed his genuine love for our hometown and our state, by coming to put in an investment of this magnitude, in Ilorin.

Forty years ago, on February 1st, 1977, I was employed by the defunct Nigeria Broadcasting Corporation, to commence a career in broadcasting. In that lifetime of professional engagement, I worked with genuine commitment, to help institute a broadcasting tradition in Kwara state. I worked in this community as a Studio Manager; Announcer; News Reader; Dee Jay; Sports and Ceremonials Commentator; Current Affairs Scripts Writer and Producer and Presenter of several genres of programs. Those pioneering efforts were very vital, because they gave us the true dimensions of what was possible with broadcasting; however, it was the liberalization and opening up of broadcasting, that allowed the exponential growth of the sector today, as both a profession and avenue of investments. This is the context within which we have to locate the emergence of the 793 radio stations that we now have in Nigeria today, including SOBI FM 101.9FM, that we have all gathered to commission this morning. Lukman Mustapha has thus become a genuine pioneer in our community, in a very fundamental sense, while at the same time following in the footsteps of many others, around Nigeria, and those who have established FM stations around our state. We must congratulate him for his patriotic effort.

On May 25th, 2016, just over a year ago, President Muhammadu Buhari appointed me as Director General of the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC). Our Commission regulates the Nigerian broadcasting industry. One of the central functions of the Commission is to license new broadcasting outfits. And the fact that SOBI FM 101.9 is being commissioned, is the outcome of the rigorous work that often leads to the emergence of outfits like this. I feel very proud of the fact that Lukman Mustapha painstakingly met all the requisite steps to be able to get the approval for the issuance of the license. I am even happier to proudly say that SOBI FM 101.9 is being commissioned during my tenure as Director General of the NBC. I want to state that the fact that we are gathered here therefore, and I am able to address you as head of the regulatory institution of Nigerian broadcasting, is because of the fact that President Muhammadu Buhari found me worthy to be at the head of this very strategically important national institution. This is a tribute to President Buhari’s vision and leadership.

I will like to remind the management of the new SOBI FM 101.9, that they have a major responsibility on their hands. To earn a right to be issued a broadcast license is to be given the opportunity to make a major contribution to national development. Broadcasting must help to deepen our democracy; should be used to enhance national unity and community cohesion, and must never be deployed for hate or for the subversion of national order. The Nigerian Constitution obliges the media to hold government accountable to the Nigerian people. In doing so, we must walk the narrow path which finds its guidance in fidelity to the Nigeria Broadcasting Code. I want to implore you to use SOBI FM 101.9 to educate, inform and entertain our people in Ilorin and Kwara state, as well as Nigeria in general. If you infringe the Nigeria Broadcasting Code, be assured that you would face the wrath of the NBC! Then you would discover that my being your brother, or coming from Ilorin and Kwara state, would not save you from facing sanctions. I want to assume that you would do your work with the utmost fidelity to the best professional and ethical standards. Let me assure all of us gathered here today, that more stations will come to our community and our state, in the spirit of the deepening democracy and opening up more avenues of investment in broadcasting, that President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration actively encourages. SOBI FM 101.9 is therefore leading a charge that would make Ilorin and Kwara major broadcasting destinations in Nigeria.

I will like to also remind you that we are in the midst of our Digital Switch Over (DSO) process. Kwara state was chosen amongst the first set of six states that would be switched on; so very soon, NBC would change the face of television broadcasting in our state. Again, we must thank the Buhari administration for the choice of Kwara as one of the first states in Nigeria, that would experience digital broadcasting. Thank you very much for inviting me to attend and address this commissioning of SOBI FM 101.9. May this new station help to consolidate the very best of our communal ethos; may SOBI FM 101.9 help us to rediscover the very best of our values and cultures, in the same manner that the SOBI Hill has stood so firmly for millennia, as the very symbol of our unity and values.

Thank you

Mallam Is'haq Modibo Kawu, 

Director General, National Broadcasting Commission.

Goodwill Messages

The Coremates club of Ilorin was founded in 1989 by a group of 68 dynamic young boys drawn from across the length and breadth of the Ilorin Emirate. Today we the young boys of then have blossomed into enviable young men who are certainly the pride of not only our various professions but of the Ilorin emirate in particular. How would we have known that the club's motto as at then: 'developing for a developed future' will motivated us into accomplishing great heights in life and that which has equally seen us to contributing in our own little way to development of our immediate society, Ilorin. To Allah subuhannah Wata'Allah be the Glory. Today again we are gathered to celebrate the onerous achievements of yet one of us. Many dream, some try and only but a few succeed. Coremate Luqman Mustapha dedication, passion and perseverance has certainly helped him in achieving this much and we are, particularly, overjoyed by this singular achievement of his being commissioned today. Coremate Luqman, (Oga Luku as fondly called in another circle) who incidentally is the Coordinator General of our great club, has indeed made us proud and we are very happy for him. Our dear Luqman, we join others in congratulating you for scaling new heights and setting new standards in the world broadcasting. Keep up the good work and remember the sky is no longer the limit but the space beyond. May Allah continue to bless you and all yours; and grant you long life in the service of humanity and more importantly, to His Glory (amin). Jazakhumullah Khairan. - TOSHO YAQUB Secretary General The Coremates, Ilorin.

The Members of the Third Estate Group (Ilorin Emirate) wish to congratulate the management and staff of 101.9 SOBI FM on the auspicious occasion of it is Flag Off! No doubt this is an epoch making event in the history of our beloved emirate. we salute ingenuity and incredible initiative of the brain behind this feat who is a very hardworking and an illustrious son Ilorin Emirate.

It is our fervent hope that 101.9 SOBI FM with high degree of professionalism we serve as a veritable platform to espouse and promote the rich social-economic and cultural heritage of our people.

We humbly wish you maximum success in your endeavour. We pray that Allah (SWT) will sustain this great vision and grant it the status of "Numero uno" in broadcasting! Once again accept our felicitation and best wishes! - AHMED BOLAJI NAGODE President, THIRD ESTATE

When Lukman conceived the idea of floating a radio station that would transcend broadcasting it seemed inconceivable given the difficulties in setting up such Institutions in Nigeria. I have had the opportunity of seeing him embark on this arduous journey from conception, licensing, development and final launch. This is a noble idea he has pursued with courage and passion. Lukman Mustapha is a visionary leader and dogged fighter. His passion to set up a radio station is not for profit but a far higher calling. A broadcasting station like Sobi FM can be used as a tool for societal transformation and human development through education and other related activities. This among others is the vision of the founder. I am confident that the station will not only live up to the ideals of the founder but serve as a beacon of inspiration to many aspiring entrepreneurs who seek to change lives and uplift their people. May almighty Allah guide Sobi FM in the right direction. Amin. HAMIDJODA FCMB Plc, Abuja

We at the famous SALMAN-SHAGAYA FOUNDATION wish to join other well meaning individuals and corporate Kwarans to congratulate our Brother! Alhaji Lukman Mustapha the Chairman of Sobi 101.9 FM Ilorin on this laudable and landmark achievement occasioned by the commencement of operation of the highly digitalized broadcasting station.

The citing of the multimillion naira investment in our emirate city of Ilorin is worthy of our commendation as it is in tandem with our institutionalized policy of love for our people which will always advocate and demonstrate with our numerous intervention programmes at the SALMAN­SHAGAYA FOUNDATION.

As we look forward to favourable collaboration toward the continued empowerment of our people; The board of trustee, management and members of SALMAN-SHAGAYA FOUNDATION hereby use this medium to felicitate with the station and the proprietor as we are convinced that this development is a laudable complement to our efforts at the foundation and indeed a blessing to the emirate. Congratulation as we wish you a successful sail in the broadcasting ocean of Nigeria. - ALHAJI SHERIF SHAGAYA Chairman, Salman-Shagaya Foundation

As the newest addition to FM radio broadcast in our nation, Sobi FM 101.9, is formally launched on this loth day of the month of July, 2017, I dare say a new awakening has dawned on the ancient city of florin and, by extension, Kwara State. My confidence is predicated on my recognition of the worthy antecedents and proven track record of unwavering commitment to excellence of the prime driver of the vision of Sobi FM, a true, committed son of Kwara State, Mr. Lukman Mustapha.

I am privileged to have experienced first-hand, the passion which he brought to bear on the birthing of this broadcast organization. He was driven, not by the material urge to own a radio station along with its ancillary visibility, but by a genuine desire to shape and entrench an enlightened world view on the generality of the people - especially the youth - of Kwara State. For him, Sobi FM is a veritable vehicle for the launch of a social rebirth process: one that will engender new, informed, patriotic, people-centred, and God-inspired thinking in both the leadership and followership not only in Kwara State but across the country.

I am confident that the vision of Sobi FM is one that will come to fruition in the shortest possible time, given Lukman Mustapha's bold and forward-looking leadership, and the quality of the team that has come together to actualise this vision.

Sobi FM has not just come to take its place among the radio stations in this part of Nigeria, it has come to redefine the broadcast industry. It is my prayer that the laudable efforts that have culminated in the launch of Sobi FM today will be blessed with unqualified success and enduring fulfillment. Congratulations! - MATT AIKHIONBARE, OON Fmr Senior Special Assistant to the President (Admin)

  • Fact 1: By 1924, Ilorin Native Authority was the first and only in Northern Nigeria to provide public electricity supply, the Emirate installed and operated a big electric plant which illuminated the entire palace area, the Emir's market, NA secretariat complex and the Alkali court... this achievement was reported in the Gazette of Ilorin of 1929.
  • Fact 2: In 1947, a son of Ilorin Alhaji A.G.F AbdulRasaq became the first in Northern Nigeria to qualify as a lawyer! Ilorin touted as the community with the highest numbers of lawyers has produced the Chief Justice of Nigeria as well as the President of the Federal Court of Appeal.
  • Fact 3: 2,365,353 was the approximate population of Kwara State in the 2006 census out of which Ilorin Emirate accounts for 1,015,317!
  • Fact 4: In 1943, Ilorin Emirate became the first community in Northern Nigeria to establish and own a Community Primary School that is, the United Primary School at Taiwo Road, Ilorin.
  • Fact 5: In 1979, Ilorin Local Government (now East&West) under the Chairmanship of Alhaji Saidu Obalowu became the first local government in Nigeria to establish and own a secondary school, which is, Okelele Secondary School Ilorin.
  • Fact 6: As at Nigeria's independence in 1960 Ilorin Emirate was by far one of the leading light as an Economic force a fact buttressed by unprecedented number of Markets in the Emirates some of which are Alapa, Ballah, Otte, Abotto, Afon, Laduba, Elemere, Malete, Ipaiye, Meigida, Yowere, Lanwa, Ejidongari, Okuta ala, Bode Saadu, Oke Oyi, Iponri, Oja Oba amongst many others....it was put at over 500 by most Economic analyst!
  • Fact 7: Another son of Ilorin Professor Saka Nuru became the first Professor of Veterinary Medicine In West Africa in the late 80s and presently Ilorin is the only community with the highest number of professors In the field - A long list which has the former Vice Chancellor of Unilorin Prof. AbdulGaniyu Ambali and the current Dean of Veterinary medicine at Unilorin amongst others.
  • Fact 8: Till date, Ilorin is the only city with a Private Aviation College in Nigeria, in fact, Zaria in Kaduna state is the only city with the other one owned by the government in   Nigeria! Just those two in the whole of Nigeria

sobi hill 1024x768Sobi Hill is one of the interesting places in Kwara State.

Sobi Hill, which apparently derives its name from Sobi community in Ilorin, Kwara State presents a fascinating natural phenomenon.

Sobi hills is 394 metres above sea level. Its lush green vegetation and spectacular landscape makes it a premium destination in Ilorin. There are different points from which water gushes out to the delight of visitors.

The hill which is a combination of two major rocks is near the popular Harmony Estate in Ilorin, the office of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency and the 22 Brigade, Nigerian Army, Sobi Barracks. It is also close to the road leading to the Kwara State University. It can be accessed through a bush path.

A visit to the hill always reveals men, women, young boys and girls including children walking along the path.

The immediate community to the hill is a settlement of low and middle class residents comprising Christians and Muslims who co-exist peacefully. The place has mostly bungalows. There are some uncompleted buildings in the community.

Our correspondent who climbed one of the rocks observed that there is a make-shift building on the topmost part of the taller rock. It was learnt that the make-shift building is used for prayers by visitors to the hills.

Besides, there are some small structures made of rock where visitors keep their belongings.  Also, some portions at the top of the second rock were marked as ‘prayer points.’

None of the residents could tell the origin of the hill but they said it had been there before the settlements of their grandfathers. They however feel delighted living near the rocks.

Aminat Usman, a 19-year-old lady, said she was intrigued by the amazing nature at play, the first time she saw the hills.

Describing the hill as miraculous, she stated that it had become a praying arena for Muslims and Christians and even traditionalists who come there to make sacrifices.

She also said pupils visited the place regularly for excursion.

“If you want to climb the hill, you need to be very careful.  There was a time some visitors saw a snake on the hill and surprisingly the snake did not bite them; it just went on its own.

“People climb the hill and there are many ways to climb it. Some people crawl because you cannot run on that hill unless you want to fall down.

“When I came here, I met some pupils that came for excursion. There is a building on the taller rock.  It is a church. They hold vigils there,” Usman said.

Mr. Tope Omolewa who claimed to have a worship centre at the top of one of the rocks, said it was always fun to walk to the hill and pray.

Omolewa, who is a pastor of Cherubim and Seraphim Church and lives close to the hill, said his prayers were answered faster whenever he prayed on top of one of the rocks.

“These rocks have been there for a long time.  All the prophets in the Bible and the Holy Quran, usually go to rocks to pray. That is why I go to this rock to pray. On the rock, God answers prayers faster even more than when you go to a church.”

Another man who was praying on the hill when our correspondent visited was a pastor with Faith and Action Ministry, Rev. Joseph Adetunji. He said the rocks were established by God.

Adetunji, who claimed to have been operating his church, Faith and Action Ministry, on the hill for about nine years said people could be on the hill for months without any threat to their lives.

“Some people who have special problems will sit here (on the rocks) and pray for about three months. When God speaks to people to go to the mountain and pray, they will come here and stay for long period.

“Such people come here to pray both day and night.  The place is safe.  Dangerous animals don’t come to the hill to attack people.”

A Professor of Geography at the University of Ilorin, Prof. Jacob Olorunfemi, and Sub-Dean, in the department, Dr. Paul Ifabiyi, said Sobi Hill is located in the eastern area of Ilorin.

The hill which is an inselberg of about 394 metres above sea level, according to Olorunfemi, has its surrounding ground ranging between 273m and 333m above sea level.

He added that it was the highest point in Ilorin and it had a basement complex rock projecting above its surrounding as well as being crystalline, hard and resistant in nature.

“The hill is made up of old granite rocks with steep edges. The banded gneiss is coarse to medium metamorphic rock which is roughly granite in composition and built of alternating light colored bands of granular granite and some Feldspar with dark foliated bands rich in mica flakes.

“Sobi Hill has two conical tops that connect together like a longitudinal ridge covering approximately 3-4km² in area.

“Relics of ancient vegetation of deciduous forests can be found on top of the hill. These are climax vegetation. They are woody trees that are closely knit together. They are tall with an average height of about 20m.These trees shed their leaves seasonally. They are fire resistant in view of their very thick back. They also have tap root systems.

“However, with long years of human interference, Sobi hill is also rich in fauna resources, particularly reptiles,” he added.

According to Ifabiyi, Sobi Hill is a water shed as many rivers and rivulets seeps out of it.

He noted that the streams flow into different directions with many of them becoming conspicuous in the rainy season.

Ifabiyi said the hill played some influence on the micro climate of its immediate environment, as Sobi and Akerebiata area of Ilorin normally receive slightly higher rainfall and seem cloudy than other parts of the town.

The geographer pointed out that Obi and Akerebiata areas in Ilorin were also known to be cooler than other parts of the city.

“The weather in Shao and Sobi Barracks on the Leeward side of the hill are known to be hotter than the weather of their other neighbouring communities,” he said.

Source: http://www.punchng.com/feature/people-places/sobi-hill-place-of-convergence-for-different-faiths/


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