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I will like to openly thank God Almighty for making me the ink with which he has written this beautiful story of adding a technologically driven value to this natural endowment; The SOBI hill, a hill whose existence and history is as old as the city on which it lies. This is indeed, a blessingfrom Allah SWT.

Today, we are gathered to serve as living witnesses to a project, conceived about 5 years ago premised on the desire to contribute our quota to the ever growing yearnings for rapid economic development, social integration, cultural preservations, employment generation and of course profit.

Your Excellency, Your Royal Highnesses, Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, the vision of this highly digitalized broadcast outfit equipped with state of the arts and 21st century compliant facilities is to contribute to the advancement of a forward looking florin Emirate community in particular, Kwara state in general and Nigeria as a whole.

We are set to deliver a robust, highly impactful, technology driven, educative, informative, entertaining, cost effective, highly affordable, industry standard compliant and above all people oriented digital broadcast contents which shall set a new enviable standard in the broadcast industry in Kwara state especially within our host community. As an effective instrument of social mobilization, cultural preservation and information dissemination amongst others, Sobi loi.gFM is here to support the efforts of our community leaders towards the restoration of our cherished values system as you will begin to see in our various programming. I must therefore, categorically state here and now that Sobilo-1.9 FM is for everybody who share in our goal of a better society. We have resolved to be completely friendly and impactful to all. We have developed and ready to adhere strictly to the core professional ethical standards of balanced reportage, fair representations and proper communications as we shall serve the good interest of everybody to their maximum satisfaction, because, objectivity is our set focus!

Permit me to at this juncture affirm that; the choice of Ilorin, our source and home as the location of this investment was borne out of the need to consolidate on the efforts of other sons and daughters of Ilorin Emirate who have also found this town worthy of their investments despite the incorrect and mischievous misconception that Ilorin is not an ideal investment hub. We, like others who also believed in this blessed land shall do everything within our purview to show that, Ilorin more than other cities can be supportive of entrepreneurship and as such, serve as encouragement to other intending investors. However, if we all continue to go with the erroneous impression that this place is only good for civil service and politics, how then would we be able to assist our people with job creation and collective economic development necessary to create a prosperous and better community.

We have also discovered the need to use this It therefore, gives me joy to note that SOBI 101.9FM enterprise to achieve positive social rebirth has joined well-meaning Kwarans to create gainful

and sustainable employment opportunities for Kwarans. It is worthy of note to add that Kwarans have occupied 70% of our staff roll and we are delighted to have discovered such intelligent and hardworking Kwarans and other Nigerians whom we are sure of their capabilities not only to drive the goals of this station but equally committed to excel and make our nation proud.

Within our 2 year sojourn in Sobi, we have no doubt positively impacted on our immediate community. We did not only ensured that we procured all available materials such as blocks, cements, irons etc within the neighbourhood, we are proud to say that we sourced majority of labour from this community. We have electrified the community and have provided employment to some indigenes of this community. We wish to call on the State government at this point to support us in the development of this community by tarring and making road more accessible to attract the expected socio-economic upsurge occasioned by our presence here.

As I said earlier on, this is a dream come through and it has, but worthwhile been a long journey. I must therefore use this opportunity to appreciate everyone who have contributed immensely to the journey of this excellence on the hill. From conceptualization, to ideal development, to cradle and formation, to test transmission, to operation and to commissioning, I thank you all for offering us your broad shoulders to climb higher.

I must very sincerely appreciate the prayers, encouragement and support of his eminence; Maimartaba, Sarkin Ilorin, Dr Ibrahim Sulu Gambari (the Emir of Ilorin and Chairman Kwara state council of traditional rulers) for his fatherly role in making our dream of Sobi iotgFM a reality. The massive support I enjoyed from my father, Alh. Shehu Usman

Mustapha, the Wali of Ilorin is too numerous to be mentioned. Let me also at this junction recognize and publicly appreciate the unalloyed support, encouragement, dedication and maturity I enjoyed generously from my brother, Alh Kayode Mustapha (Hadji K) who never looked back from the very day I shared the vision with him. For those periods of delay, that I worry, days of unplanned spending that I uttered uncharitable statement and periods of anxiety that I ignored the fact that you are older than me, I tender my unreserved apology. Worthy of commendation is the support I received from my beautiful and amiable wife, Ayoola, our children, friends, associates and faMily members who have rendered their kind words of encouragement and other efforts at one point or the other. To all our formative staff, I thank you all and also congratulate you for your unforgettable efforts of nursing the dream into reality

Ladies and gentlemen, this is our own little creative and entrepreneurship effort at contributing our quota to a more informed, educated and entertained society. At Sobi ioi.9FM, we believed that we all must make certain efforts and sacrifices to better our collective lot because we have realized that government must not be left alone to bear the brunt of all our needs.

Now, more than ever, we must therefore, collectively support, patronise and nurture this effort to the attainment of its set goals. I will implore us all to come together as one to make Sobi FM a success story.

Once again, I welcome you all to the official commissioning of Excellence on the Hill and thank you for your presence, time and attention.

Alh. Lukman Mustapha Chairman,

Board of Trustees


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