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Goodwill Messages

The Coremates club of Ilorin was founded in 1989 by a group of 68 dynamic young boys drawn from across the length and breadth of the Ilorin Emirate. Today we the young boys of then have blossomed into enviable young men who are certainly the pride of not only our various professions but of the Ilorin emirate in particular. How would we have known that the club's motto as at then: 'developing for a developed future' will motivated us into accomplishing great heights in life and that which has equally seen us to contributing in our own little way to development of our immediate society, Ilorin. To Allah subuhannah Wata'Allah be the Glory. Today again we are gathered to celebrate the onerous achievements of yet one of us. Many dream, some try and only but a few succeed. Coremate Luqman Mustapha dedication, passion and perseverance has certainly helped him in achieving this much and we are, particularly, overjoyed by this singular achievement of his being commissioned today. Coremate Luqman, (Oga Luku as fondly called in another circle) who incidentally is the Coordinator General of our great club, has indeed made us proud and we are very happy for him. Our dear Luqman, we join others in congratulating you for scaling new heights and setting new standards in the world broadcasting. Keep up the good work and remember the sky is no longer the limit but the space beyond. May Allah continue to bless you and all yours; and grant you long life in the service of humanity and more importantly, to His Glory (amin). Jazakhumullah Khairan. - TOSHO YAQUB Secretary General The Coremates, Ilorin.

The Members of the Third Estate Group (Ilorin Emirate) wish to congratulate the management and staff of 101.9 SOBI FM on the auspicious occasion of it is Flag Off! No doubt this is an epoch making event in the history of our beloved emirate. we salute ingenuity and incredible initiative of the brain behind this feat who is a very hardworking and an illustrious son Ilorin Emirate.

It is our fervent hope that 101.9 SOBI FM with high degree of professionalism we serve as a veritable platform to espouse and promote the rich social-economic and cultural heritage of our people.

We humbly wish you maximum success in your endeavour. We pray that Allah (SWT) will sustain this great vision and grant it the status of "Numero uno" in broadcasting! Once again accept our felicitation and best wishes! - AHMED BOLAJI NAGODE President, THIRD ESTATE

When Lukman conceived the idea of floating a radio station that would transcend broadcasting it seemed inconceivable given the difficulties in setting up such Institutions in Nigeria. I have had the opportunity of seeing him embark on this arduous journey from conception, licensing, development and final launch. This is a noble idea he has pursued with courage and passion. Lukman Mustapha is a visionary leader and dogged fighter. His passion to set up a radio station is not for profit but a far higher calling. A broadcasting station like Sobi FM can be used as a tool for societal transformation and human development through education and other related activities. This among others is the vision of the founder. I am confident that the station will not only live up to the ideals of the founder but serve as a beacon of inspiration to many aspiring entrepreneurs who seek to change lives and uplift their people. May almighty Allah guide Sobi FM in the right direction. Amin. HAMIDJODA FCMB Plc, Abuja

We at the famous SALMAN-SHAGAYA FOUNDATION wish to join other well meaning individuals and corporate Kwarans to congratulate our Brother! Alhaji Lukman Mustapha the Chairman of Sobi 101.9 FM Ilorin on this laudable and landmark achievement occasioned by the commencement of operation of the highly digitalized broadcasting station.

The citing of the multimillion naira investment in our emirate city of Ilorin is worthy of our commendation as it is in tandem with our institutionalized policy of love for our people which will always advocate and demonstrate with our numerous intervention programmes at the SALMAN­SHAGAYA FOUNDATION.

As we look forward to favourable collaboration toward the continued empowerment of our people; The board of trustee, management and members of SALMAN-SHAGAYA FOUNDATION hereby use this medium to felicitate with the station and the proprietor as we are convinced that this development is a laudable complement to our efforts at the foundation and indeed a blessing to the emirate. Congratulation as we wish you a successful sail in the broadcasting ocean of Nigeria. - ALHAJI SHERIF SHAGAYA Chairman, Salman-Shagaya Foundation

As the newest addition to FM radio broadcast in our nation, Sobi FM 101.9, is formally launched on this loth day of the month of July, 2017, I dare say a new awakening has dawned on the ancient city of florin and, by extension, Kwara State. My confidence is predicated on my recognition of the worthy antecedents and proven track record of unwavering commitment to excellence of the prime driver of the vision of Sobi FM, a true, committed son of Kwara State, Mr. Lukman Mustapha.

I am privileged to have experienced first-hand, the passion which he brought to bear on the birthing of this broadcast organization. He was driven, not by the material urge to own a radio station along with its ancillary visibility, but by a genuine desire to shape and entrench an enlightened world view on the generality of the people - especially the youth - of Kwara State. For him, Sobi FM is a veritable vehicle for the launch of a social rebirth process: one that will engender new, informed, patriotic, people-centred, and God-inspired thinking in both the leadership and followership not only in Kwara State but across the country.

I am confident that the vision of Sobi FM is one that will come to fruition in the shortest possible time, given Lukman Mustapha's bold and forward-looking leadership, and the quality of the team that has come together to actualise this vision.

Sobi FM has not just come to take its place among the radio stations in this part of Nigeria, it has come to redefine the broadcast industry. It is my prayer that the laudable efforts that have culminated in the launch of Sobi FM today will be blessed with unqualified success and enduring fulfillment. Congratulations! - MATT AIKHIONBARE, OON Fmr Senior Special Assistant to the President (Admin)


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