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Introducing Sobi FM; Who We Are; What We Do; and How We Do It.
Sobi FM, broadcasting on the frequency, "101.9 Mega Hertz", is an indigenous Radio Station, established on the 10th of July 2017, with its ownership and management, purely Nigerian affairs.
We are located on top of the popular Sobi Hill, in Ilorin, the capital city of Kwara State, in the North Central region of Nigeria.
Within our areas of coverage, we broadcast to over three million listeners, on a 24-hour, daily-basis.
The location of our station on top of Sobi Hill, about 390 meters above sea level, helps in dissipating our signals, far and wide, to about five neighbouring States .
Our Corporate Contents Direction (CCD) is about promoting the cultural values of the indigenous people of our immediate environment, with a view to engendering "Social Rebirth", especially, among the youths.
Apart from the English language, we broadcast in major languages spoken by the diverse ethnic groups in the State, namely; Yoruba, Hausa, Nupe, Fufulde, and Bokobaru.
Plan is also in the pipeline to incorporate more Nigerian languages, to our broadcast stable, in no distant time.
We run programs that promote the indigenous cultures in our immediate environment, while not jettisoning our responsibility in promoting "National Unity and Ethos, in addition to dozens of entertaining, informative and educative current Affairs programs.
We boast of substantial number of creative "On-Air Personalities" OAPs, that have won many local and National awards, both before and during their stay with Sobi FM. 
Our News is a "Box office", to our teeming listeners across our areas of coverage, due to its timeliness, reliability and accuracy, as a result of our widespread network of correspondents across the state and beyond.
It would interest you to know that, Sobi 101.9 FM Ilorin is the only traditional media outfit in Kwara State that does "Breaking News". This is also down to the vibrancy of our staff.
We give extensive, live coverage to landmark events like annual National festivals(Durbar, Ileya, Christmas, Independence Day,, Democracy Day, among others), local and international event days, National elections, among other events.
These and many others are what endears us to our teeming listeners, so much so that, most of our Station Indents are now common songs on the lips of most members of the public, while some even use them as ring back tones.
Sobi FM, within its short, but eventful years of existence, has won many awards on accounts of its trailblazing performance, while redefining radio broadcasting in Kwara State and beyond.
You can also listen to us, anytime, anywhere around the world, by simply downloading our mobile App "Sobi FM 101.9" for your android phones.
For your comments and observation about our News or enquiry about commercial News coverage, please contact the newsroom on  08188953060
Composed by © Adebayo Abubakar of the News and Current Affairs Department, Sobi FM.

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