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Sobi101.9FM is not just your usual Radio Station. Aside from providing our listeners with Quality, Informative, Educative and Entertaining programmes, we extend our expertise further by providing broadcast related services that are targeted at helping budding journalists and established ones at that to perform exceedingly well in their chosen profession. We ensure that we strike a balance between quality service and cost. Here are some of the services we offer

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At Sobi101.9FM, if you are a budding or professional journalist, we help you pick the best, most newsworthy audio clips, and write clear and informative scripts that introduce the material they have collected.


Studio Production

Do you wish to produce Jingles, Advertisements, and the likes? We have the facilities and talents that will ensure that your product or service excites the listeners and add to your patronage .


Consultant Work

Do you wish to set up your own radio station? Do you have one and wish to improve on your services? Are you a budding radio journalist wishing to raise the standards of your practice? Link up with us.


Voice Overs

We help you "Voice Over" your recordings in such a way that your orriginal narrative gets life and meaning. We add value to it. We do this by incorporating sound effects and music to suit the narrative.


Mentorship & Training

Because we are firtunate to have highly skilled and qualified professionals running our beat, we encourage upcomming broadcasters by providing mentorship and training in various aspects of the profession.


Social Services

We at Sobi101.9FM value the soiety. This is why we make serving them a priority. We are there for festivities, at times of need, organising public service activities and ploughing back to the society.



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